How to use a loop pedal?

If you are a guitarist, you might have heard about loop pedal. It is becoming famous day by day and more artists are learning how to bring it to their use. It helps one person to turn into a band and create an amazing solo performance. You can use it with just a touch of your foot. Loop pedal will easily record small passages and repeat it for you and you’ll be able to create different rhythms which are in harmony. Ed Sheeran is one of the famous singers who use loop pedals for his solo performances.

Now, if you are wondering how to use it here is a little help.

Doing the basic loop

Here we will tell you how you should open and close a loop. When you are a beginner, it is better not to start immediately with complex rhythms. Only count the beat when you are playing it and you are good to go. Let the loop ring for four beats and then stop it. First hit the foot switch, then strum the chord while counting up to 4 beats and hit the foot switch again. All you need is that you refine your skills by being able to count the beats in rhythm after hitting the foot switch. Your timing should be correct.

Doing the basic strumming

Pick any chord and strum it around eight times in perfect timing and then hit back the footswitch. You will cover two full bars in this one loop. Only after strumming eight times, you should finish the loop. Begin the next beats after it’s done. If you play it with correct timing, the loop will continue to be in harmony with your next beats and continuously.

Creating the 4 bar blues

After the good amount of practice, it would be easier for you to proceed to musical innovations. Once you are able to keep the rhythm steady, you will succeed in creating longer loops and improvise along the music you are playing. Start experimenting with different scales and jam as much as you can in accordance to the loop being played. You will need to end the loop after you repeat the groove in the second bar section.

Create complicated backing tracks using overdubbing

once you are pretty confident with your loop being played, you can start recording from the top of the loop by hitting the footswitch. This gives you an option of creating rich loops with a lot of music in it. While playing a solo, you will need complex music to overpower your performance and a loop pedal with overdubbing will help you do that as it would involve amazing backing tracks
There are different loop pedals available in and you can figure out how to operate them by reading the manuals on them. Some are easier than the others but once you get familiar with how the device works, it shouldn’t be that tough to prepare good music using the loop.